In 1994, there are several alumnus of STAN (State college of Accountancy) who work as employees in the Ministry of Finance and BPKP (Financial and Development Audit Board) in East Java. At that time, they feel uneasy because there is no formal institution that can provide integrated solutions to economic and social problems among Muslims; especially in East Java.

So, right on September 17th 1995 at Malang, those alumnus agreed to form a forum that engaged to collect, manage, and distribute the islamic fund such as zakat, infaq, and shadaqah. It’s named as LMI UI (Ukhuwah Islamiyah Infaq Management Institute) foundation which focused on social sectors. LMI was registered with the Notary Deed Abdurachim, S.H., numb. 11 dated April 4th 1996.

LMI UI Foundation is headquartered in Surabaya. From 1995 to early 2016 it was still the provincial level for Amil Zakat Institution (LAZ) based on the Governor of East Java number 451/1705/032/2005 with more than 80.0000 beneficiaries. And then as a Provincial LAZ, LMI UI try proof their hard work, management system, and grab the public trust until succeeded to advancing its class. Exactly on April 29th 2016 LMI was designated as the 5th National LAZ by the ministry of Region of the Republic of Indonesia with decree number 184 of 2016.

Now, LMI has seven representative offices in seven provinces which are the requirements of the national amil zakat institution. The average growth in the last fou years was 33.33 percent with a total value of ditribution from 2015 to 2018 of 120 billion. LMI’s financial statements have audited periodically by a public accountant with “WTP” (proper without exception) result.

LMI won the Baznas Award in 2017 for the category “The Best Distribution and Utilization of National LAZ”. Beside that, LMI also has contribution in international scale by becaming a member of the Indonesia Humanitarian Alliance (IHA), in coordination of the Ministry of Foreigner Affairs.