Sharing Strengthens the Country

Allah SWT is always with all His creatures without exception, whether believers or non-believers. The existence of Allah will be felt by everyone through the various form such a unique phenomena, inspiration, and fulfillment of prayers. For some people, the feeling of existence of God is manifested as behavior that puts others before her/himself. Even sacrificing for the sake of other people and make her/his personal rights being harmed.

For people who believe, the basis for such a noble deeds is actually only a form of seeking Allah’s help. The difficult conditions that are getting more and more difficult every day, will not dampen their intention to set aside some of their wealth for others. This altruistic behavior is interesting and inspiring. The phenomenon at LMI, the recession condition, actually presents a cumulative accumulation rate that has increased untill 30% from last year.

The habit of sharing turns out to be a technique to reinforce each other. This country will be strong if the people never stop to share. So, with the gratitude, at the age of 25 years of LMI, we invite all of Indonesian people to fully embrace our milad theme, “Sharing strengthens the Country”, as Allah SWT has promised:

“O you who have believed, if you support Allah, He will support you and plant firmly your feet.” (Surah Muhammad, verse 7)

May Allah SWT reward you (all of Indonesian who have entrusted and helped LMI to be istiqomah to spread the good deeds) with a lot of kindness 

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