Family Meeting for the Goodness

Musyawarah (discussion) is one of the ways of decision-making that occupies a very important position in Islam. So important that it deserves to be included in the parenting agenda as early as possible. The teaching of musyawarah, which is also followed by Istikharah, is an important part of Islamic parenting.

In Indonesia we are more familiar by the term of “meeting”. In the context of home and family, we are more familiar by the term of “family meeting”. Its function is often to be a means of transferring wisdom from the family leaders or elders to the younger ones. Some families who know the great value of a meeting will use it in a more structured way as a part of their childern’s manners, customs, and education.

The most important thing abou “Family meeting” is the habituation of children to good communication, the courage to express their opinion openly, to be honest with the situation, to empathize with the interest and conditions of others, to respect decisions that tahen together, to respect leadership, and also as a simple organization learning. When these habits grow from the noble values of Islamic education, they will give birth to a strong generation. Become a generation that is able to face various difficult situations while still providing benefits.

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