Live in Balance

2020 is a momentum for global cultural change. Economic recession is also threatening at any time. When the only certain thing is “change”, it is so natural for human ability to adapt. One of the is how Muslims find a balance in live. The term work-life balance that accompanies the industrial era 4.0 is increasingly interesting to study.

Growing the middle class and rampant transformation of the public economy away from households pose challenges. How to maintain a  worldly and ukhrawy balance, between making money and creating life, between family and work, between busy doing business and busy being happy.

“… And that each person will only have what they strives” (Surah An-Najm verse 39)

Everything can be worked on, by Allah’s will we have the ability to achieve a balanced life. At the end of 2020, let us evaluate as well as plan, how to make our lives healthier in the pleasure of Allah SWT. Life is balance.

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