Laznas LMI volunteer of East Java while giving the sacrificial meat , Photo by: PR Laznas LMI

East Java- National Amil Zakat Foundation – Infaq Management Institute (Laznas LMI) distributed cooked qurban meat to many poor people, this is due to pandemic situation in these villages that really need help, especially about food availability.

Head of the East Java LMI Representative office, Dawud Sulaiman said that this year LMI has distributed to 95 points throughout East Java.

“We have 95 locations for the slaughter place of qurban animals, most of these meat are for dhuafa. Right after slaughtering, we distribute them directly to needy people” He said, Monday (August 3rd 2020).

Dawud revealed that during this pandemic, many people still had hardship for buying their daily food.

“Laznas LMI representative office of East Java is ready to carry out the mandate of people who do the qurban in distributing the sacrificial animal into 23 cities/district in East Java, from urban poor areas to the remote rural areas. By this distribution, we hope to distribute them evenly. We hope that Allah SWT will accept our deeds of worship.” He said